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Jun 28 - CLHS - Top Regional High School

CLHS staff take pride in working together to provide the best education in the Lakeland region.  Academic results in the 2014-2015 Provincial Diploma Results bear out the claim, with CLHS having loca...

Jun 28 - Opportunities Abound at CLHS!

CLHS staff and community volunteers can and fo make a difference in the total high school experience of teens.  Starting with Golf, Cross Country Running, Football and Volleyball, as well as a myriad...

Jun 28 - Team Work = Success!

CLHS staff work with students and parents to increase the chances of success for teens having challenges in high school  An in-school Student Support Team (SST) consisting of administrators, counselo...


Grads interested in ordering a formal graduation class photo, can do so.  Simply cliick on the link to download an order form and bring to the school with payment on June 25th.

Jun 20 - 2016-2017 School Fees & Cash On LIne

CLHS has prepared a school fees list for your information that can be accessed by clicking on school fees In addition to this is a quick user guide for accessing School Cash On-Line - a method to make...

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