Walker , Dustin - Principal
Kaminski, Terry - Assistant Principal
Young, Tracie - Assistant Principal
Administrative Assistant
Swigart, Barb - School Accounts
Urlacher, Trish - Main Office Support
Support Staff
Bergquist, Tracy - Cafeteria Manager
Hollis, Barbara - Librarian
Iroume, Lindsay - Individual Student Counselor
Heffner, Pennylynn - Individual Student Counselor
Lapointe, Rose - Academic and Career Counsellor
Teachers - Senior High
Crawley , Nicole - Social Studies Specialist
Crocker, Carolyn - Learning Strategies
Dargis, Roland - Mathematics Specialist
DusykJohnson, Jennifer - Science Specialist
Eagles, Keith - Outdoor Education Specialist
Eagles, Kelly - Physical Education
French, Angie - Food Studies & Fashions Specialist
Hedberg, Tanya - English Specialist
Hodinsky, Dennis - Industrial Education
Johnson, Jennifer - English Specialist
Johnson, Kelly - Science Specialist
Kapoor, Shalini - English Specialist
Kartz, Mavis - Physical Education
Kean, Christina - Science Specialist
MacDonald, Darrell - Physical Education
Matthews, Deirdre - Science Specialist
Nichol, Jared - Art & Media Specialist
Quiambao, Emerson - Mathematics Specialist
Sirant, Doug - Music & Health & Wellness Specialist
Thompson , Tiffaney - Social Studies Specialist
Timm, Matthew - Mathematics Specialist
Yoshida, Dave - Social Studies Specialist
Teachers - Junior High
Hebert, Dilan - Language Arts and Social Studies Specialist
Huntley, Matt - Science & Math Specialist
Moon, Rebecca - Mathematics and Science Specialst
Savoie, Betty - Physical Education Specialist
Whan, David - Language Arts & Social Studies Specialist
Educational Assistants
Cogan, Dana
Duperron, Elizabeth
Dyck, Cheryl
FlanMidford, Lori
Forsyth, Sara
MacInnis, Monique
Nagoya, Angela
Norrgard, Cindy
Periard, Suzanne
Rhyason, Shirley
Veale, Janine
Yochim, BobbieJo
Special Education
Crocker, Carolyn - Special Education Coordinator
Dubach, Allison
MacKichan, Nancy - Special Education Coordinator