Matt Huntley

Teachers - Junior High - Science & Math Specialist

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About Me

My name is Matt Huntley and I am a teacher at Cold Lake High School! Team-building, cooperation, and hard work are as much a part of my favourite activities as they are a part of the classroom in which I see myself participating and teaching.  I hope to bring this aspect of team-building into the classroom.  I feel that if everyone is working together, more will be learned and students will achieve added enjoyment from learning. 

Outside of academics, my passion in life is sport.  I have been a competitive soccer player all my life, and have coached soccer in the past as well.  I am also a dedicated, sponsored, and provincially-ranked squash player and coach.  This year I will be coaching the Sr. Boys’ volleyball team, JV Girls’ Basketball, and Girls’ rugby. 

I completed a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics at the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Education at the University of Lethbridge.  The final part of my education degree was completed at Cold Lake High School, under the supervision of Roland Dargis.  After I completed my degree I was hired on at Cold Lake High School as a grade 9 Math and Science teacher. I am happy to continue my career here with the friendly staff and students. 

I have been in many different fields before completing a degree in Mathematics, such as kinesiology.  I was also an electrician’s apprentice, and began tutoring math for some family friends while I was an electrician.  Tutoring always brought a smile to my face and I saw how I was able to make a difference in that one student’s future education.  This experience is what gave me the passion to complete my Mathematics and Education degrees; inspiring young individuals to be life-long learners is the reason that I am in the teaching profession. 

I can be reached at Cold Lake High School by phone at 780-639-0039, extension 1410, or by email at


Matt Huntley