Doug Sirant

Teachers - Senior High - Music & Health & Wellness Specialist

780-639-0039 ext 2411
About Me

I am the CALM/Health Foundations/Sports Medicine/First Aid/Music Instructor at Cold Lake High School. In 1990 I was hired out of Calgary as the itinerant music teacher for the Cold Lake area (Grand Centre Junior High School, Nelson Heights School and Grand Centre High School). In 1993, I specalized at Grand Centre High School (now called Cold Lake High School) and have been here ever since. CALM (Career and Life Mangement) has been the heaviest part of my teaching load since 1995. The medical portion of my program has been added in the past three years and have been growing  steadily. In addition to all of these courses I am the Music Director and conduct the Cold Lake High School Concert Band.

Outside school - my interests include performing with the 4 Wing Band (since 1990) and Cold Lake Fire-Rescue Service. I am the Assistant Fire Chief of Cold Lake and run the Downtown Division (all areas of Cold Lake south of the Lutheran Church and the MD of Bonnyville, Cold Lake First Nations and Elizabeth Settlement). When I am not playing in the band or fire fighting, I am married with two children which keeps me very busy!