Kelly Eagles

Teachers - Senior High - Physical Education

780-639-0039 ext. 1531
About Me

I feel so lucky to have such a great job! I am from the East Coast and heard about Northern Lights School Division at a job fair in PEI. I was fortunate to land a position at Grand Centre High School as a Physical Education teacher. I moved across the country and thought that I would stay for a year and gain some work experience and head home. Well, home is now Cold Lake and my husband and two daughters really love this community. Yes it is cold, and Yes it is far away but the people are friendly and welcoming, the landscape is beautiful and I love the students and staff of Cold Lake High School. 

Some people say "you just teach gym" and I love when that gives me the opportunity to truly explain what I do. Skill development and understanding of rules and sports is part of the job but I also get to teach cooperation, team building, good sportmanship, goal setting, overcoming obstacle, leadership, and compassion.  I want every student in my class to feel comfortable and safe in this environment.

Lifelong fitness is so important to me and my family and I want to help make that a priority for my students too!

I am the Athletic director and I also coach the JV girls basketball team and help with the Track and Field Team.

My 2017-2018 Schedule

Semester one

Block 1:  PE 20

Block 2: Prep

Block 3: PE 9

Block 4: PE 30

Semester Two

Block 1:  AD

Block 2: PE 9

Block 3: LifeSkills PE

Block 4: PE 10 Girls